Quick Service Estimate

AutoEstimate supplies workshop-specific kilometre-based service estimates using the vehicle manufacturer’s service instructions and specifications.

More Information

  • Kilometre-based estimates using manufacturer’s specifications
  • List of service parts for each service
  • Estimates using custom labour rates and mark-up %
  • Estimates can be changed according to part availability prices
  • Continuously updated service information with new vehicles
  • Consumables automatically added to costing.


AutoInvoice provides workshop managers and owners with an accurate and consistent quote to invoice capture. Get all your invoice and sales reports in one manageable space.

More Information

  • Converts estimates into quotes
  • Create bookings
  • Produce detailed job cards with all customer & vehicle info
  • Quick transition from quote to invoice
  • Invoice and Sales Reports.


AutoManage is the all-in-one automotive workshop management and automotive shop management software that gives service centre managers and owners control.

  • No more back up and easier month-end procedure
  • Live data without needing in-house servers
  • Track your workshop’s progress from anywhere on any device
  • Much Much more.

More Information

  • Converts estimates into quotes for you
  • Allows for bookings and bookings reports
  • Provides detailed job cards with all customer and vehicle information
  • Creates templates for unit repairs such as diesel pumps, gearboxes, turbos etc
  • Monitors GP within the quote
  • Requests parts quote, and order parts directly from the system
  • Receives parts within the quote
  • Shows “in stock” items in a quote without having to check the stock list
  • Reserves parts for a specific authorised quote
  • Adds insurers or fleet administrators to a customer’s quote with separate authorisation
  • Assigns a technician to each quote
  • Allows quick transition from quote to invoice
  • Faster “Over counter sales.”
  • Reports at your fingertips to manage your business effectively;

– Open Job Cards Report with live status
– In-depth Sales Report
– Top selling parts
– Daily cash up
– Supplier Recon
– Inventory control with parts tracking ability
– Technician efficiency report to track exact invoiced hours per technician with linked bonus calculations
– GL Report
– Debtors Age Analysis
– Suppliers Age Analysis
– Bank Reconciliation
– Income Statement
– Trial Balance, and more.