We are a dynamic company passionate about what we do. We are continuously finding new ways to enhance our products and the profitability of the workshops that use our software. We already have more than 200 workshops using our products. These include workshops within the Bosch, e-CAR, ACD Auto Care, Quick Lane and Point-S networks.

Our Products are web-based, which means you can have access to your data anywhere in the world on any device, and you never need to back up again.

In 2009 we launched our first product – AutoEstimate. It remains the only system to produce kilometre-based service estimates using the vehicle manufacturer’s service instructions and specification. The estimates are workshop-specific because the labour rates and the mark-up percentages of the workshop are used to compile the estimate. In 2012, we launched AutoQuote. It enables workshops to produce final quotes using the actual part prices from their supplier.

With AutoQuote, facilities were added to obtain part prices from suppliers online and to enable customers to view and authorise quotes online. AutoManage developed into a complete management system in 2015. This product comprises an online booking system, the printing of customer and workshop copies of job cards, the conversion of quotes to customer invoices, customer receipts and supplier payments, creditors, debtors, stock management and customer statements.

Meet the team

Ingrid Kohler Carmichael
Chief Executive Officer

Ingrid Kohler Carmichael has been involved in the Automotive Industry for over 15 years, having had a partnership in three workshops in Johannesburg. Ingrid’s role comprises of setting strategy and direction, modelling and setting the company’s culture, building and leading the senior executive team. Ingrid’s role is not limited to the above and includes continuous support to the AutoManage customer.

Peter Michael Kohler
Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)

The mastermind behind AutoManage. After 15 years in the Motor Industry, Peter found the need to simplify the workshop processes and create reporting relevant to the industry. Peter leads brand management, marketing communications, market research, sales management, product development, distribution channel management, pricing, and customer service.

Doug Falconer
Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

It takes genius to create simplicity. Doug’s key role is to develop, articulate, and continually evolve the company’s strategic technical direction. He is responsible for making sure the company continues to have the best technology offering in a dynamically-evolving highly-competitive space.